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Our teaching staff comes from all over the city to bring you a variety of class offerings and teaching styles. Each teacher brings their personality and energy to their class, giving you options to try out new styles and find your new favorite class.

Kim Alexandrescu

Kim Alexandrescu is the owner of Sacred Space Astoria. Born in Michigan with noticeable midwestern friendliness, she’s made Astoria her home since 2006. A chakra yoga teacher since 2012, Kim is also a reiki master, Urban Zen Integrative Therapist and intuitive reader. Her scientific background and clinical research experience gives her a uniquely grounded approach to yoga and energywork.

Kim’s work in nursing homes and end-of-life companionship through integrative therapy has been life-changing and magical. Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) utilizes mindful movements (done in bed, laying on the floor, or in a chair), body awareness meditations, breath awareness, reiki, essential oils, and contemplative care to alleviate symptoms of pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, constipation and exhaustion. These modalities were created specifically for use in sick, elderly, or dying patients, as well as all forms of caregivers. The UZIT work and training is such a unique and purposeful fit to Kim’s background, as well as her love for yoga, mindfulness, self-driven healing, and self-care. UZIT training helped Kim identify her personal need for self-care as a mother; she learned the importance in taking care of your needs so that you may serve others. She was also introduced to the concept of contemplative care and bearing witness, which has changed and expanded her ability to be present with her loved ones, clients and the world at large. She opened Sacred Space Astoria to create a spiritual home where you feel held, supported and empowered in your body and can carry those sensations to all areas of your life.

Alex Skaliotis

Alex Skaliotis received his 200-hour teacher training certificate 5 years ago from The Giving TreeYoga Studio.He came to yoga at 35 years of age after taking a class with a close friend.Instantly he appreciated the mindfulness of the movements even though the physicality was more than he bargained for. He is a student first and still finds time to roll out his mat at every opportunity. This student first approach informs his teaching style. Alex believes that yoga needs to be accessible to every student that walks into his class. “Most everyone comes for a workout, and that’s great but people come back because yoga is a chance to connect to something deeper inside each of us.”This connection makes the work out better but also allows the practice to become a moving meditation. When practitioners experience presence, that is magical to witness. Alexis a student first and this always has him evolving his teaching style to challenge his students. He recently sat his first silent retreat. The yoga practice was his meditation even before he knew what these words meant. He lives in Astoria with his beloved children Nicholas and Stefania.

William Brisson 

William Brisson is a master healer and feng shui expert. He has practiced Energetic Feng Shui, a
space clearing aspect of Energetic Field Work for eighteen years. He knows from years of experience that our living and workspaces can either support us or act as a hindrance depending on their energetic health. He is passionate about helping families, children, and
businesses to grow in healthy, clear environments so they may flourish, be happy, and develop their gifts. William has cleared and set the fields in many residential and commercial spaces in
New York City and abroad. He has helped many individuals, families, and businesses bring positive shifts resulting in greater fruitfulness, peace, growth, and financial prosperity. William was an early practitioner of Maha Rose in Brooklyn, NY and Maha Rose founder Lisa Levine
shares how William’s work has been powerfully transformative personally and for the spaces of Maha Rose. In addition to his work with Feng Shui and Personal Clearing and Integration for
individuals and groups, William was a lead facilitator, area coordinator, and instructor for The Way of the Heart for twelve years.


Iris VazquezRamos, raised in Astoria Queens, began her yogic journey with the desire to deepen her experience with movement and expression. Having completed her 200hr ChakraYoga training and now pursuing a career in Massage Therapy, she strives to connect her passion for movement and the study of the body in her yoga teaching. She understands that the union of awareness and embodied movement creates space for healing and balanced practice. Her classes offer gentleness and pinpointed awareness in support of the body’s innate strength, resiliency and being

Asia Wolf

Asia Wolf is an Astoria-based yoga teacher focusing on accessible yoga for all. Through breath-focused movement and mindful meditation, Asia leads classes that release stress while building confidence. Asia believes that yoga has the power to change your life both on and off the mat, and hopes to help others grow their practice, no matter their experience level.

Kelly Kaso

After years of playing competitive sports, Kelly was drawn to yoga by how amazing it felt to practice accepting her perfect imperfections while still challenging her mind and body. This lesson served her greatly while battling cancer and dealing with the stress and shifting body image that can accompany healing treatments. She has been enthusiastically practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching it for five to children, teens and adults alike. She completed her RYT 200-hour training at The Giving Tree Yoga Studio in 2015 and her classes are characterized by mindfulness, anchoring to the present through breath and radical self-acceptance.


Laura is a certified Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Akashic Records Reader. She discovered these modalities while working through childhood trauma and searching for a solution to ease her anxiety. It was only after starting Yoga and Mediation that Laura felt a shift. That path eventually led her to Reiki and Crystal healing, which created more actual change in her life. One thing led to another and Laura ended up training in Reiki (eventually becoming a Reiki Master), Crystal Healing, Access Bars, Tarot and the Akashic Records.

She is passionate about sharing the tools that helped her cope and grow. When working with clients, her goal is to facilitate deep relaxation (which allows them to enter a parasympathetic state), so they can rest, digest, and heal. Laura believes it is our birthright to be happy and healthy and she is so grateful to have the opportunity to share these healing practices. Laura hails from the great state of Minnesota and loves Prince and tater tot hotdish.

gina Cunningham

Gina has been teaching group movement classes since the early 90s. When she first stepped on a yoga mat in the mid-90s, she was hooked. Initially attracted to the physicality of the practice, she has come to know yoga as a transformative practice of heartfelt inquiry that can lead to feelings of ease and spaciousness as well as liberation from habitual patterns. Gina is an eRYT500, Reiki Master, yoga therapist, Urban Zen Integrative Therapist and OM Yoga certified meditation teacher. She lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan where she is a seeker of knowledge; an eater of cupcakes; and, following an epic fail as a cat-fosterer, a devoted cat parent.

Emily Casey

Emily Casey is so thrilled to be part of the Sacred Space Astoria community. Emily’s yoga practice has served as her touchstone, teacher, and an overall catalyst for connection the past 15 years of her life. During this time period, Emily has lived Chicago with brief stays in Boston, Cleveland and Louisville while working as a performer. Emily moved to New York in 2016, and she’s held her 200 hr training certificate for the past year– in which time she’s taught in studios and private homes around Manhattan and the Hamptons. With an emphasis in mindful challenge, Emily loves to connect with students where they are and help encourage them on their path. Emily is also a musician and a songwriter and loves to incorporate great music into her powerful Vinyasa classes. She hopes to see you on your mat very soon!


Melissa started her yoga journey to support trail running in college back in 2013. She knew that there was something exciting and profound about yoga from the start, and she loves how yoga helps connect to herself and others in a deeper and more multilayered way. She found inspiration in the way her teachers carried themselves with empowerment and soulful authenticity, which led her to complete her 200hr YTT and 50hr Restorative Yoga Certification at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in 2017.

Melissa believes that everyone has the ability to create more expansiveness and peace in their lives. In her experience, yoga has an incredible way of equipping us to handle life’s challenges with more ease. Students can expect to feel grounded and spacious after taking her class. She strives to help students experience themselves with more presence, compassion, and curiosity.

Nadia Quinn comes from a long line of witchy women specializing in astrology, hypnotherapy, reiki, energy work, and tarot… and is living her current life as an actor/singer/artist/writer/creator in NY and LA. Since being introduced to Human Design two years ago, Nadia found herself particularly skilled at interpreting and teaching charts for this seemingly complicated, but VERY useful (and intuitive!) system, so went down a self-taught rabbit hole of learning everything about it. During the pandemic, Nadia has done hundreds of chart readings and introductions to Human Design and Gene Keys, and truly- nothing thrills her more than teaching people about their design, and how to use these systems to live abundant lives as our most authentic selves!

Sacred Space

Sacred Space Astoria was created to offer a place for healing and connection – to your body, to yourself, to your relationships and to the world around you.   As you explore your relationship with your physical body through asana (physical yoga classes), students often become aware of the more subtle experiences of the body.  As mindfulness and awareness of your physical, emotional, mental and energetic sensations increase, the studio provides a wide variety of educational opportunities to support the exploration of your experiences – meditation, sound healing, restorative practices, breathwork, energetic bodywork, intuitive readings, manifestation tools, intuitive and creative development.  Sacred Space Astoria is a place to gather and be curious. We can’t wait to meet you!

With a wide selection of classes, workshops, healing arts sessions, and intuitive readings, the teachers and practitioners are a highlight of Sacred Space Astoria. Each member of our team has been personally vetted, ensuring a quality experience for our students. There’s no need to worry about whether you’ll have a “good” experience, as the energy behind all of our offerings is supportive, positive, and welcoming. Our teachers and practitioners have varied experience and training, allowing you to find the right match for your needs and growth.

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