Meet Our Teachers

Our teaching staff comes from all over the city to bring you a variety of class offerings and teaching styles. Each teacher brings their personality and energy to their class, giving you options to try out new styles and find your new favorite class.

Kim Alexandrescu

Kim Alexandrescu is the owner of Sacred Space Astoria. Born in Michigan with noticeable midwestern friendliness, she’s made Astoria her home since 2006. A chakra yoga teacher since 2012, Kim is also a reiki master, Urban Zen Integrative Therapist and intuitive reader. Her scientific background and clinical research experience gives her a uniquely grounded approach to yoga and energywork.

Kim’s work in nursing homes and end-of-life companionship through integrative therapy has been life-changing and magical. Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) utilizes mindful movements (done in bed, laying on the floor, or in a chair), body awareness meditations, breath awareness, reiki, essential oils, and contemplative care to alleviate symptoms of pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, constipation and exhaustion. These modalities were created specifically for use in sick, elderly, or dying patients, as well as all forms of caregivers. The UZIT work and training is such a unique and purposeful fit to Kim’s background, as well as her love for yoga, mindfulness, self-driven healing, and self-care. UZIT training helped Kim identify her personal need for self-care as a mother; she learned the importance in taking care of your needs so that you may serve others. She was also introduced to the concept of contemplative care and bearing witness, which has changed and expanded her ability to be present with her loved ones, clients and the world at large. She opened Sacred Space Astoria to create a spiritual home where you feel held, supported and empowered in your body and can carry those sensations to all areas of your life.

Leslie Cottle

Leslie Cottle is a Certified Meditation Teacher and Sound Practitioner. While receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communication at Pennsylvania State University, Leslie had her first profound experience with meditation. After years of practice and having the office reputation as the “zen coworker”, she began to pursue her passion for mindfulness as more than just a hobby. With 600+ hours of training, Leslie has studied closely with many wellknown innovators and teachers in meditation, integrative hypnosis, and coaching, granting her a unique skill set to create highly informative and powerful experiences for individuals and groups.

Sacred Space

Sacred Space Astoria was created to offer a place for healing and connection – to your body, to yourself, to your relationships and to the world around you.   As you explore your relationship with your physical body through asana (physical yoga classes), students often become aware of the more subtle experiences of the body.  As mindfulness and awareness of your physical, emotional, mental and energetic sensations increase, the studio provides a wide variety of educational opportunities to support the exploration of your experiences – meditation, sound healing, restorative practices, breathwork, energetic bodywork, intuitive readings, manifestation tools, intuitive and creative development.  Sacred Space Astoria is a place to gather and be curious. We can’t wait to meet you!

With a wide selection of classes, workshops, healing arts sessions, and intuitive readings, the teachers and practitioners are a highlight of Sacred Space Astoria. Each member of our team has been personally vetted, ensuring a quality experience for our students. There’s no need to worry about whether you’ll have a “good” experience, as the energy behind all of our offerings is supportive, positive, and welcoming. Our teachers and practitioners have varied experience and training, allowing you to find the right match for your needs and growth.

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