Our Mission

Sacred Space Astoria was created to offer a place for healing and connection – to your body, to yourself, to your relationships and to the world around you.   As you explore your relationship with your physical body through asana (physical yoga classes), students often become aware of the more subtle experiences of the body.  As mindfulness and awareness of your physical, emotional, mental and energetic sensations increase, the studio provides a wide variety of educational opportunities to support exploration of your experiences – meditation, sound healing, restorative practices, breathwork, energetic bodywork, intuitive readings, manifestation tools, intuitive and creative development.  Sacred Space Astoria is place to gather and be curious. We can’t wait to meet you!

Why Sacred Space?

The physical yoga practice, especially in a studio setting, often leads to a deeper exploration of spirituality through attention, awareness and commitment to inner healing.  When undergoing personal healing, vulnerabilities and discomfort can often be a part of the healing process. In order to dive deep into discomfort (and ultimately learn to be comfortable in the discomfort and unknown), it’s important to feel held in the space where you are working on and within yourself.  We hold great pride in the energetic integrity of the studio space, and out of respect for your willingness to explore yourself, sacred space is always maintained within the walls of the studio and healing rooms. When you walk into our space, you’ll feel the energetic support all around you, and we can’t wait to hold space for you.