End-of-Life Companionship and Support

The end of a life can be some of the most beautiful, intimate and connected moments.  Through the basis of the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy practice, we are able to work with any individual or family to provide support through the end of life, similar to that of the work of a death doula.

When it comes to death and dying, many people find it difficult to discuss these topics in a supportive way.  Whether it’s virtually via Zoom, in-home (as it is safe to do so with COVID-19) or in-person at our studio space in Astoria, we are able to support you through your dying process.  Services range from uncensored conversations around dying (which often lead to discussing life and living) to specific integrative therapy practices to alleviate discomfort, energy work to support the transition between life and death, or bedside vigils for companionship or relief of support persons.  We provide a complimentary first-time meeting via phone or Zoom to discuss your specific needs and goals.  No question is too uncomfortable to ask, no conversation too intense to be had.  Our goal is to normalize the experience of dying and provide unconditional support when and where it is most needed.

If you are interested in less personalized support, we will begin offering a monthly virtual Death Café in 2021 for anyone interested in talking about death and dying.  Please register for our newsletter for updates on when this monthly offering will be added to our calendar.

    Due to the varied nature of this work, our fees have a range depending on the type of support and situation.  Our sliding scale is $50-150/hour.  We ask that if you are able to support the upper end of our scale that you do so in order to partner with us to provide these services to all who request them.  We aim to work with anyone who seeks our support.

    When booking a session, we require 12+ hours notice. If you would like a same-day session or don’t see time available that fits your schedule, you may email us at [email protected] to see if we are able to accommodate you.