Protocol for In-person Private Clients


Effective 3/26/21

  1. Upon scheduling an appointment, clients will be given a brief breakdown of their required responsibilities for attending a reiki session.
    1. Clients must wear a face covering the entire time they are on the premises, unless a medical reason prohibits the wearing of a face covering.
    2. Clients must have contact information (email address, phone number, and address per NYS guidelines) on file with the studio for purposes of contact tracing.
    3. Clients will be encouraged to pay for the service prior to coming in for the session to minimize contact with surfaces within the studio.
    4. Clients will complete a brief health questionnaire prior to the start of any appointment.  The Health Questionnaire will be sent in the Appointment Confirmation email.
    5. Clients will be allowed to utilize blankets for under their head or over their body during the session, if applicable.  They may also opt to bring their own props or towels to be used as a barrier between them and the props.  They will be instructed to dress in layers, as the window will be partially open during the session and body temperature drops during relaxation.
    6. Only the client can attend a session – the waiting room is not open and available at this time.
    7. When necessary due to social distancing needs, clients will enter in the back of the building and directly into the room where the session will take place.  They will store their objects in the room with them.
    8. Bathrooms are available but clients will be encouraged to plan ahead when coming in for a session.
  2. Practitioners seeing reiki clients will be required to wear a face covering and a face shield for the duration of the appointment.  The face covering must be on the entire time they are on the premises, unless a medical reason prohibits the wearing of a face covering.  If the practitioner or teacher is unable to wear a face covering, efforts will be made to devise a reasonable accommodation for the safety of both the practitioner and the client.
    1. Face shield will be provided, unless the practitioners prefer to use their own.  Each shield will be labeled with the practitioners name and cleaned after each day’s use.
  3. The provided HEPA-13 filter will run for the duration of the client session, including 15 minutes before and after each appointment time.
  4. Reiki practitioners will be required to be COVID tested every two weeks while seeing clients due to the lack of social distancing and hands-on placement.  All results will be stored in the COVID Binder kept on-site.  A negative COVID test within 14 days prior to the client’s appointment must be provided in order for the practitioner to work with a client.  The 14 days begins with the date of testing, not the date of the result.
  5. Practitioners agree to notify the studio in the event that they have been exposed to COVID, are experiencing COVID symptoms, or are awaiting COVID results due to any concerns around having the virus.  The studio will handle rescheduling the client to the client’s preference – waiting until that specific practitioner is cleared to work again or being rescheduled with another practitioner.
  6. Sessions in the private room will be scheduled 30 minutes apart to allow the HEPA filter to run, the massage table to be cleaned, and any blankets to be removed.
  7. The bathroom will be cleaned using appropriate products daily.
  8. Clients and practitioners in and out of the studio will be tracked for the purposes of contact tracing.  Mindbody will be used to track all client visits.